Best part of Odoo

Odoo is a complete package of business applications like sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, and human resources. It has thousands of modules to use for easy business processing. This platform is most favorable for small to mid-sized companies.
The source code of this platform is available to everyone due to its open source nature. There is community of developers who can bring the evolution into the software. Any developer can modify the software by integrating features and functionalities to improve its performance.
Best part of Odoo is :

Truly Comprehensive
Odoo has a lot of features and functionalities this platform can be said to be a complete system that fulfills all the requirements of any sized enterprise.

Simply Modular
This platform is highly modular. You can start with Odoo with just few basic modules and can add the rest later as per business requirement.

Updated Technology
Odoo is based on modern and up-to-date technologies. This platform keeps on modifying along with the updated technologies.

Reduces the Usage Cost
Free license so that you can allot a bigger portion of your budget for implementation and customization wherever needed.

Easily Integrated
Odoo Integration is easy to configure and it can easily be integrated with other ERPs only to improve their efficiency.

Can be Customized
Highly flexible so it can be easily customized to fulfill the business requirements. In a highly competitive era, enterprises will need a constant push and innovation to tune up with the changing business scenario.

Available for Free
You can easily download the software free of charge, and use it effectively.

Proven product
The Odoo is a proven product,there is no doubt on that.This is because of their good features and benefits. Two million peoples are using this because of the error free and proven quality.The major company references are   HYUNDAI, DANONE, EXKi, LAPOSTE etc.

Search Facility
Odoo allows users to search across the screen. The user can easily filter via advance search using special field criteria, and that is the most important aspects which every user would like to have.

Data Security:
With SaaS and on cloud hosting of Odoo, the data security is increased as the server is hosted with the provider company. It, thus, becomes the responsibility of the provider company to maintain the server and take regular backups to ensure all the client data is fully secured. Plus any maintenance that is required by the server is the provider company’s accountability.

Odoo Implementation can be immensely beneficial to manage enterprise as it would aid with all its functions and functionalities. No matter how big the enterprise would be, Odoo provides with a robust ERP solution that can manage it easily.


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